Why AFIN ?
The Arab Financial remains at Rank #1 through out 2010 until now, carrying on its legacy for years 2005 , 2006,2008 and 2009.

Market Share
As of Oct 21st , 2010 AFIN market share reached 10.5%

Customer Services
AFIN prides its self on being a leader amongst its peers, marking its stand on the front lines in accommodating our customers. AFIN services extend from customer on-line portfolio log in, research and analysis reports, prompt and timely responses in addition to managing the daily brokerage services in the utmost efficient manner


Company has set the  e-trade portal and is awaiting the activation of the service by the Amman Stock Exchange.

Market Analysis
A thorough analysis for both local and regional markets and companies can be accessed through AFIN’s website. This station portrays available data about the market in terms of financial, technical and fundamental analysis and general information.

Local Economy
GDP 2008

GDP 2009

Budget Deficit (JD Million) -2008
692 Million

Budget Deficit (JD Million)-2009
1.449 million

Inflation Rate (%) 2007

Inflation Rate (%) 2008

Inflation Rate (%) 2009

Market Capitalizations

Market cap for ASE market reached JD 21,076,199,271 By Wednesday Oct 27th in comparison to JD 21,060,939,648 Recorded by the end of the previous session;increase of 0.07%



US Market Update
Name Last Chg % Points
Brent Crude Oil 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
Natural Gas 205,171,232 +7.02 8200
LIGHT CRUDE OIL 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
GOLD 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
SILVER 205,171,232 +7.02 8200
PLATINUM 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
Market Share | 21/10/2010
  As of Oct 21st, 2010 AFIN had a market share of 10.5%
Primary results-2009 | 21/1/2010

The Arab Financial Investments Company announce the primary results for 2009, which achieved a net profit amounted to 4,560,562 million, To view the primary results click here.

General Assembly Meeting | 1/4/2009

We would like to inform you that The Arab Financial Investment Company held General Assembly Meeting on 30/03/2009

To read the minutes of the meeting click here

AFIN Acquires ISO 9001:2008 | 13/1/2009

The Arab Financial Investment Company acquired the ISO 9001:2008 by the certification body DNV and by that, it becomes the first local company within the financial sector to be ISO registered under the 2008 version

AFIN Record-Breaking Achievements | 11/1/2009
  The Arab Financial Investment Company attained rank one for 2008 with market share reaching 8.7% and value traded of over JD 3.5 billion.
AFIN Record-Breaking Achievements | 4/9/2008

AFIN achieved a volume traded recorded that has never been recorded in the history of the Amman Exchange standing at JD 3 billion as of September 1st,2008

Competitive Position | 31/12/2008
  The Arab Financial remains at Rank #1 through out 2008, carrying on its legacy for years 2004, 2005 and 2006
Market Today
Market Indices
Closing date: 13-04-2008
Market Movers
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US Market Update
Name Rate Chg % Points
Euro / USD 205,1191,232 +11.22 8200
GBP / USD 205,171,232 +7.02 8200
USD / JPY 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
USD/ CHF 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
USD/ CAD 205,171,232 +7.02 8200
AUD / USD 205,171,232 +11.22 8200