Why AFIN ?
The Arab Financial remains at Rank #1 through out 2010 until now, carrying on its legacy for years 2005 , 2006,2008 and 2009.

Market Share
As of Oct 21st , 2010 AFIN market share reached 10.5%

Customer Services
AFIN prides its self on being a leader amongst its peers, marking its stand on the front lines in accommodating our customers. AFIN services extend from customer on-line portfolio log in, research and analysis reports, prompt and timely responses in addition to managing the daily brokerage services in the utmost efficient manner


Company has set the  e-trade portal and is awaiting the activation of the service by the Amman Stock Exchange.

Market Analysis
A thorough analysis for both local and regional markets and companies can be accessed through AFIN’s website. This station portrays available data about the market in terms of financial, technical and fundamental analysis and general information.

Local Economy
GDP 2008

GDP 2009

Budget Deficit (JD Million) -2008
692 Million

Budget Deficit (JD Million)-2009
1.449 million

Inflation Rate (%) 2007

Inflation Rate (%) 2008

Inflation Rate (%) 2009

Market Capitalizations

Market cap for ASE market reached JD 21,076,199,271 By Wednesday Oct 27th in comparison to JD 21,060,939,648 Recorded by the end of the previous session;increase of 0.07%



US Market Update
Name Last Chg % Points
Brent Crude Oil 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
Natural Gas 205,171,232 +7.02 8200
LIGHT CRUDE OIL 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
GOLD 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
SILVER 205,171,232 +7.02 8200
PLATINUM 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
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Amwal Invest

Amwal Invest is licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), to act as Investment Manager, Investment Adviser, Trustee, and Underwriter. Amwal Invest provides corporate finance, asset management, direct investments, and financial advisory services.


Jordan Securities Commission

The Jordan Securities Commission is As the regulator of the capital market, its mission in reforming and developing legislation and regulations, emphasizing transparency and disclosure, revitalization Jordan's investment culture, encouraging and protecting investors and most importantly enforcing the rule-of-law.


Securities Depositary Center

The Securities Depository Center (SDC) is one of the most important institutions in Jordan's Capital Market as is the only entity in Jordan that is legally empowered to oversee the following responsibilities:
- Registration of securities
- Deposit of securities
- Transfer of ownership and safekeeping of securities
- Clearance and settlement of securities transaction


Amman Stock Exchange

It is authorized to function as an exchange for the trading of securities, Establishing fair, transparent, efficient and liquid market for traded securities The ASE is charged with: Providing enterprises with a means of raising capital by listing on the Exchange. Encouraging an active market in listed securities based on the effective determination of prices and fair and transparent trading.


Gulf Stock Exchange Markets

Main goal is to provide internet users a full access to Kuwait Stock Exchange, NYSE, AMEX and the NASDAQ. Also, customers can access the site in English or in Arabic. You will also get clearing and settlement of trades on spot. Shares or money will be credited to your brokerage account immediately. Security is also a priority to us therefore feel-safe security systems and processes ensure transaction


Egypt Stock Exchange

Egyptian market official sight it provides live market watch, news and Laws & Rules governing the Capital Market in Egypt.


Palestine Securities Exchange

The Palestine Securities Exchange ( PSE ), as the cornerstone of the Palestinian capital market, is committed to serving as an efficient and well-regulated exchange it provides news and Laws & Rules governing the Capital Market in Palestine.


Ministry of Industry & Trade

The Ministry of Industry and Trade takes on the responsibilities of regulating the industry by type, classifying it, registering it according to an internal regulation, and preparing the programs and studies that work on developing the industry and increasing its competitiveness. The Ministry also takes on the task of regulating the internal and external trade, monitoring it, and preparing the studies and the agreements that protect the interest of the country and the citizen.


Central Bank of Jordan
Market Today
Market Indices
Closing date: 13-04-2008
Market Movers
Most Active By
US Market Update
Name Rate Chg % Points
Euro / USD 205,1191,232 +11.22 8200
GBP / USD 205,171,232 +7.02 8200
USD / JPY 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
USD/ CHF 205,171,232 +11.22 8200
USD/ CAD 205,171,232 +7.02 8200
AUD / USD 205,171,232 +11.22 8200